A Hair Stylist's Secrets for Beauty, the French Way

A Hair Stylist's Secrets for Beauty, the French Way

It's important to hydrate and cleanse well, especially if you live in a city like Paris where pollution takes its toll on the skin. I have certain rituals in the evening and when I get up in the morning. I use Caudalie's foaming cleanser with grape

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Caudalie: Лечение натуральной ...
Official Caudalie website: Find the complete brand range and our Vinothérapie® Spas. Find out about our paraben-free cosmetics and exclusive offers.

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Мужская косметика. Уход за детской кожей и ... Каталог товаров / Caudalie. ПРИМЕНЕНИЕ: ...

Caudalie: Natural Skin Care & Anti-Aging Treatments for ...
Caudalie natural, paraben free skin care for all skin types. Anti-aging moisturizers, creams, cleansers & treatments with effective ingredients for ...

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Интернет магазин натуральной косметики Caudalie. Caudalie -французская косметика ...

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Косметика из Новой ... Создание марки Caudalie началось в 1993 году ...

10 самых значимых бьюти-новинок июля-2015

10 самых значимых бьюти-новинок июля-2015

Новая чудо-маска от Caudalie просто незаменима летом, когда воздух в городе особенно загрязнен, а наши поры из-за жары расширены и восприимчивы. Эта маска состоит только из натуральных компонентов – виноградных косточек, розовой глины, кофе и папайи. Кстати, кофе в 

Red wine's anti-aging antioxidant has found its way into beauty products

Red wine's anti-aging antioxidant has found its way into beauty products

Both Skinceuticals and Caudalie are on the wine wagon, too. The latter is launching their Resveratrol LIFT line this fall, which comprises a serum, eye balm, SPF 20 moisturizer and night cream, while Skinceuticals was somewhat early to the party. The

5 French Beauty Tips to Follow Now

The beauty expert, whose luxe, natural line harnesses antioxidant-packed polyphenols from grape seeds grown in the famous French wine country, she says she was 11 years old when she first realized the American approach to beauty was different from... There she saw girls who’d packed tons of makeup and hair products, while she had brought only Terracotta bronzer and SPF moisturizer. Not only are French women known for being ridiculously effortless and chic when it comes to fashion, they’re also famed for their natural beauty and enviously decadent but healthy lifestyle. Mathilde Thomas , co-founder of beauty brand Caudalie (along with her husband, Bertrand ), knows this firsthand.

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Naturally: forgo heavy foundation for a summer glow

They don’t cover spots, dark circles or blemishes quite like the former, and they don’t hydrate the skin enough to replace the latter. For those of us who forgo foundation year round – I’ve never been a fan of the stuff – the right tinted moisturiser will add a warm healthy glow. My favourite “summer glow” is the welcome side effect of days spent in the sunny outdoors, preferably along with a pair of hiking boots or a bikini and a respectable sunscreen. You’ll get minimum coverage, but your skin will breathe easier and your freckles will show – it’s the equivalent of a summer dress for your face. It’s particularly handy in spring and early summer when it’s likely your cheeks haven’t quite yet caught any colour. Tinted moisturiser is the next best thing.

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